TURBO MACHINES by A Valan Arasu ,from Vikas publishing House.

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TURBO MACHINES by A Valan Arasu,from Vikas publishing House;

1 Bsic Concept Of Turbo Machines      2 Blade Theory          3 Centrifugal Compressors and Fans

4 Axial Flow Compressors and Fans,  5. Axial Flow Steam and Gas Turbines,

6. Radial Flow Gas and SteamTurbines,     7. Dimensional and Model Analysis,      8. Hydraulic Pumps,

9. Hydraulic Turbines,      10. Power Transmitting Turbo Machines,        11. Cooling of Turbine Blades,

12. Fans and Blowers

• Appendix-I: Forces on Compressors and Turbine Blades • Appendix-II: Forces on Wind Turbines • Appendix-III: Axial Flow Compressor and Turbine Blade Designs •


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