Automobile Engineering by R B Gupta

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Table of Contents 1.History and Development 2.Air Standard Cycles Group-2 : Power Generation Systems

3.Engine Operations 4.Engine Construction 5.Engine Types 6.Engine Balancing 7.Engine Performance

8.Engine Maintenance 9.Engine Troubles 10.Engine Tuning Group-3 : Fuel System 11.Engine Fuels

12.Fuel Feed Systems 13.Turbocharger and Superchargers 14. Carburetor 15.Fuel Injection System

16.Auto Governors 17.Exhaust System 18.Alternate Fuels Group-4 : Engine cooling 19.Engine Cooling

20.Bearings 21.Lubrication Group-5 : Electrical systems 22.Battery 23.Generator 24.Starting Motor

25.Ignition 26.Lighting and Wiring Group-6 : Transmission System     27.Clutch 28.Transmission

29.Overdrive and Fluid Drive    30.Propeller Shaft and Final Drive   31.Differential and Rear Axle Group-7 : Running System

32.Wheels and Tyre 33.Steering and Front Axle 34.Suspension 35.Frame and Body 36.Brakes Group-8 : Miscellaneous 37.Air Pollution 38.Compressors 39.Auto Gas Turbines 40.Jet Propulsion

41.Auto Air Conditioning 42.Auto Inspection and Testing 43.Vehicle Performance

44.Garage Tools and Equipments 45.Motor Vehicles Act Group-9 : Miscellaneous A.Technical Details of Recent Vehicles B.Objective Type Questions C.Practicals D.Short Answer Type Questions


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